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Equatorial Guinea: A country to be discovered [Travel]
In today’s Travel segment we focus on Equatorial Guinea. Did you know that in 2015, Equatorial Guinea was highlighted as the world’s sixth least visited country? Yes, Equatorial Guinea has...
[Africanews] 19/07/2018 | E Guinea opposition demand govt resign over political prisoners
An opposition leader in Equatorial Guinea has called for the government to resign over its failure to release political prisoners, a promise made by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.
[News24] 18/07/2018
Equatorial Guinea's opposition and the govt granted amnesty [The Morning Call]
An opposition leader in Equatorial Guinea has called for the resignation of the government, accusing it of failing to honour President Teodoro Obiang Nguema’s promise to release prisoners. General...
[Africanews] 18/07/2018
Lusophone summit opens in Cape Verde
Citizens movement and human rights in Equatorial Guinea top the agenda as Portuguese speakers meet
[East Africa News Post] 17/07/2018
- Media landscape in West Africa tainted by police brutality against journalists
The West African media landscape for June 2018 was tainted by the assault of journalists in the Gambia and Mali, the arbitrary detention of a journalist in Guinea and a social media activist in...
[IFEX] 17/07/2018
'We need the violence to stop': U.N. imposes arms embargo on South Sudan
The United Nations Security Council imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan on Friday, nearly five years after civil war erupted in the country. A U.S.-drafted resolution won the minimum nine votes...
[Africanews] 13/07/2018
Thousands protests fuel hike, cost of living in Conakry [No Comment]
Thousands took to the streets in Guinea’s capital, Conakry on Tuesday (July 10), to protest against increasing fuel costs, which they say has driven up prices of commodities, doubling the cost of...
[Africanews] 13/07/2018
Africa prevails in the OPEC in member numbers [Business Africa]
Today Africa prevails in the OPEC, at least in member numbers. The Republic of Congo is the latest to join OPEC after Equatorial Guinea last year and Gabon in 2016, expanding the number of countries...
[Africanews] 12/07/2018 | Public workers in Guinea-Bissau march for higher wages
Hundreds of civil servants took to the streets of Guinea-Bissau to demand a hike in the minimum wage and better living conditions.
[News24] 11/07/2018 | Guinea capital paralysed by fuel price strike
The Guinean capital of Conakry has been paralysed as a 25% hike in oil prices fuelled a general strike marked by clashes.
[News24] 10/07/2018 | E Guinea opposition hopes for early prisoner release after amnesty
Equatorial Guinea's main opposition party has said it hoped for the early release of its jailed members a day after authoritarian President Teodoro Obiang Nguema declared a "total amnesty" for all...
[News24] 05/07/2018
Equatorial Guinea grants opponents amnesty ahead of national dialogue
Equatorial Guinea has granted amnesty to activists and members of the opposition ahead of a “national dialogue” this month, a decree signed by the Central African nation’s president said on...
[Africanews] 05/07/2018
Guinea: drivers on strike over increasing fuel price hikes, govt defends move
Drivers in Conakry, Guinea have staged a strike over increasing fuel price hikes. The driver’s union in the West African nation called for the strike following four days of protest. On Wednesday,...
[Africanews] 04/07/2018 | E Guinea opposition figure tortured to death: party
An Equatorial Guinean opposition figure who had been jailed for "sedition" was tortured to death in prison earlier this week, his party, the Citizens for Innovation (CI), has said.
[News24] 04/07/2018 | E Guinea opposition sets conditions to attend 'national dialogue'
Five political parties in Equatorial Guinea, ruled by Africa's longest serving despot, has signalled their willingness to take part in a national dialogue next month if their security was ensured.
[News24] 04/07/2018

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